SALT- Save A Life Today

It connects victims to their loved ones. Empowering a passerby to notify any emergency to the family of a victim instantly. A revolutionary idea that enables the people, society to help themselves by just extending a small help to others. It is a nationwide service.


To ensure that no one loses life just because the family was not aware of an emergency in time.

Idea behind SALT
It provide's a way to reach the loved ones of a victim. Its not always possible to reach the ones that need to be informed in many cases, but with SALT we can bridge this gap. It is Powered by the People, for the People. The need for the established service is vital but with this 'Movement' we intend to move into the next phase, where we will help each other to inform our near and dear ones - even if we cannot do it ourselves directly.

Join the 'Movement' and help 'SAVE A LIFE TODAY' by bringing happiness to all.
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SALT is a service brought to you by ENSOWT-Enabling Society with Technology. Our endeavour is to help the people to help each other.

Important words about SALT

It is a service that allows us to reach a person's family or friends, in an Emergency. It can be due to medical reasons or an accident. A great number of lives are lost today due to negligence or absence of a person willing to help a victim.

Road Accidents affect a lot of people in this country. In many cases, the victim is alive but unconscious or not in a position to communicate. This service allows the passerby's to initiate the near and dear ones of the victim in a safe and confidential manner.

The service does not intend to replace the Police or Accident/Trauma services, but ensures that the near and dear ones of the victim are informed of the accident and 'enables' them to move resources that they have at their disposal to help the victim. The hospitals do admit emergency patients but are reluctant to apply any expensive medical procedures to the victim as they are not too sure who and when they will be paid. If the family/friends are made aware of the incident then they might be able to move things to have adequate and due attention paid to the victim.

This service literally works on 'People Power'. We are just enablers in the flow of information. It's beauty lies in the fact that the person's designated by the subscriber are notified if there is a reported incident with the concerned person. The service works on a very simple principle. The passer by just sends the ID / vehicle number of the victim and location to our service SALT at 5-62-63-64-65 or 99-58-70-12-12 for BSNL & MTNL users. We then send these details after stripping the informers detail to the person(s) designated at the time of registration of the service.
We will pass on all the messages coming to the service to the Emergency Contact ( people designated to receive distress messages ) of the subscriber.