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On the Go...

We are never alone. We're just not with the people we know and love. Although sometimes we feel safe but that's only a feeling that we get. We are always vulnerable to the unexpected.

With SALT we help you to prepare for that dreadful but possibly inevitable day. The question is, will we be completely alone at that time, or will we have some way to have someone we know and love, who will fight for us.
With On The Go , you can easily make changes in your account settings to fit your needs.

There may be scenarios in your mind where you may think that SALT will not suit you. Think Again....

Seizure in the Park

Register Yourself to Save yourself

On having an epileptic attack while strolling in a park all alone, some good samaritan can help you now. Register yourself by providing your unique ID Number, say your voter card number.A stranger can send this ID number to 5-62-63-64-65 or 99-58-70-12-12. SALT will immediately alert your family. Help will reach you in minutes. They can make sure that you get the propper medical attention when needed.

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Fainted at Airport

Register Your Parents to Save Them

While travelling alone & at the airport if your parent faints- you can be immediately reached. Register your parent by providing their unique ID Number, say their Passport Number. The airport authorities can send this ID number to SALT. SALT will immediately alert you.

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Heart Attack in the Market

Register Your Spouse to Save Them

Your spouse has gone alone for shopping in the market & had an heart attack, you can be informed instantly. Just register your spouse by providing their ID Number, say PAN Card Number. People present there can just send this ID Number to SALT. SALT will alert you instantly.

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Unconscious on Road

Register Your Child to Save Them

Walking alone on a road if your child falls & become unconscious you can be alerted instantly. Register your child by providing their Unique ID Number, say their Aadhar Card Number. A good human can just send this ID to SALT. SALT will inturn inform you promptly.

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Changing Cities

For changing your Emergency Contact

Sometimes you may have to travel to a different city. You can change your Emergency Contact who is living in that city or who is closer to you at that time.
When you return, you can change back to your previous Emergency Contact.

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Travelling with Emergency Contact

For changing Emergency Contact

There may be times where your Emergency Contact is travelling with you. You can change your Emergency Contact who is not with you at that time.

Later you can go back to your previous Emergency Contact.

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School Bus Registration

For changing vehicle

You can register your child's school bus with SALT and be an Emergency Contact for your child. If ever that bus meets with an incident, you can be notified immediately. In case your child's bus changes, you can easily register the new vehicle.

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Taking a cab

For changing vehicle

Sometimes you hire a taxi to go around. In that case, your Emergency Contact can't be informed by SALT if an accident happens. With 'On The Go' you can temporarily register your cab in place of your vehicle. Later you can change back to your vehicle.

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Sharing a Ride

For changing vehicle

You do not always travel in your own vehicle. Sometimes you may be travelling with a friend in his/her vehicle. You can register your friend's vehicle in place of your vehicle which would allow your Emergency Contact to be informed in case of an accident. Later you can change back to the original registered vehicle.

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Hopping between Rides

Register yourself

If you do not have a vehicle of your own, you would use different vehicles to travel. You can register the vehicle you are currently travelling in and switch from vehicle to vehicle as per your traveling requirements. You can do so for someone's personal car, a taxi, an auto, a bus and also a motorcycle.

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Helpful Tips

To change your Emergency Contact send
Old_Emergency_Contact, New_Emergency_Contact"

to 562636465 or 9958701212 (for BSNL and MTNL Users)

To change your vehicle send
"SWAP<space>Old_Vehicle_Number, New_Vehicle_Number"
to 562636465 or 9958701212 (for BSNL and MTNL Users)

To remove your Emergency Contact send

to 562636465 or 9958701212 (for BSNL and MTNL Users)

Note: Send the above listed SMS from your registered mobile number only.

Special Features

Providing you an Emergency Contact

SALT provides you an Emergency Contact who can be informed as soon as an alert, regarding you or your vehicle is received. Now you can always have your loved ones by your side, wherever you may be.

Helping you in being an Emergency Contact

Our loved ones travel long distances. Many times to places where they may not know anyone. By becoming their Emergency Contact we can always stay connected to them and keep them just a click away.

Service for your Safety

A service for You , Your Family, Your Society, Your Nation. Taking you forward with technology - EMPOWERING YOU.

Flexibility of service

SALT provides a wide variety of service options, from the freedom to change your emergency contact and your registered vehicle as per your needs to being able to change the number of emergency contacts and registered vehicles. You can perform such changes from anywhere in India.

Simplycity of Android App

Download SALT Android App to make your life Safe, Secure and Simple. Now Help is just a click away.