SALT is essential for everyone as an emergency can strike anyone at any time. By registering to this service you are able to have an Emergency Contact anywhere in India.

Every life is precious. You would have wanted to help someone in need from time to time but are held back due to fear or limited options to help. But not anymore.

We lose more than 26,000 lives in India every day. Many of which can be saved, if provided with the right kind of medical care. As every life is worth saving, we should step forward to help in any way we can. SALT provides us with another great way we can help someone in need.

By registering with SALT, you have one more way of receiving help at the time of great need.

Accidents being the primary cause

India leads with 10% of worlds total road traffic fatalities(RTF) of 1.3 million with just 1% of worlds vehicles, resulting in untold misery to lakhs of people, the nation losing about 3% of its GDP. One Road traffic accident occurs every minute and one Indian life is lost every 3.7 minutes according to Ministry of Road Transport & Highways Government of India.

Reduction in fatalities can be achieved through better post accident management of victims which can be best done by victim's family. Of the total number of accident victims, 24% can be saved through simple trauma care and 46% through advanced trauma care.

Enabling People
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